iOS 12 Already on 50% of Compatible Devices

iOS 12 on iPhone X

iOS 12 has been available for a month now and is already installed on 53% of compatible devices. That includes iPhone, iPad and sixth generation iPod touch, and is outpacing iOS 11’s adoption rate for the same period last year.

iOS 12 on iPhone X

According to Apple’s data, 53% of devices introduced in the last four years are running iOS 12, and 50% of all devices are on the new operating system. Currently, 39% of all devices are running iOS 11, and 11% are on earlier iOS versions. In comparison, iOS 11 didn’t top 50% until the first week of November last year.

Apple released iOS 12 on September 17th after first showing it off at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in early June. The iPhone and iPad operating system includes performance improvements along with new features such as Siri Shortcuts for creating custom automated actions you control with your voice, easier to manage Notifications, Screen Time management, new Animoji characters, Memoji custom Animoji characters you make, auto-fill support for third-party password managers, and more.

[Here are the iOS Devices Supported by iOS 12]

iOS 12 is a free upgrade for compatible devices. You can install it by going to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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