1Password Auto Fill Disabled on macOS Mojave

If you’ve been wondering why 1Password auto fill doesn’t work on the Mac anymore, it’s because the feature has been disabled.

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1Password Auto Fill

macOS Mojave has new security restrictions, and it was because of these restrictions that Agile Bits had to remove 1Password Auto Fill. But in a blog post the company says it agrees with Apple’s decision.Image of 1password 7 for mac

We feel strongly that removing the ability to automatically submit passwords is the right call and protects not only a user’s experience, but also their security, too. I’ll be fully transparent, it’s taken some getting used to, but now that it’s part of my workflow… autosubmit? I don’t miss it.

Apps that can automatically auto fill things are a security risk. When 1Password automatically submits a password, it doesn’t know whether the website is legitimate or not. Plus, users can’t press a no button if they don’t want auto-submission.

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