iOS 13 Screenshots Show Dark Mode, New Markup UI, and More

Today we’ve gotten a look at some iOS 13 screenshots. They show Dark Mode, new UI in Markup, a redesigned Reminders app, and more (via 9to5Mac).

iOS 13 Screenshots

For Dark Mode there is a screenshot of the home screen and Apple Music. Nothing changes on the home screen except for a darker dock. In Apple Music, the background is white, with a gorgeous dark translucency in other elements.

iOS 13 screenshots showing dark dock, Apple Music, and markup
Dark dock, Apple Music, Markup. Credit: 9to5Mac

Markup is also different. When you take a screenshot now and open it in Markup, the background is light gray. In iOS 13 the background is a translucent view of your wallpaper. The tools also look more lifelike on a rounded tray at the bottom.

iOS 13 screenshots markup
iOS 13 Markup tools. Credit: 9to5Mac

Reminders is getting a redesign in iOS 13. Here, we see how the app looks on the iPad. There are separate areas for “Today,” “Scheduled,” “Flagged,” and “All.” It also uses the San Francisco Rounded font introduced in iOS 12 in Wallet.

iOS 13 screenshots reminders
iOS 13 Reminders. Credit: 9to5Mac

Finally, as was previously reported, Find My Friends and Find My iPhone are being combined into a new app called “Find My.” The app displays a map with an area listing the locations of your family, friends, and devices.

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