iOS 14 Isn’t Safe From Forensic Extraction Technology

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Elcomsoft has announced an update to its iOS Forensic Toolkit, with version 7.0 working on iPhone 12 models and iOS 14 through iOS 14.3.

Breaking Into iOS 14

Elcomsoft has a forensic toolkit to break into iOS products that it sells to law enforcement. The latest update works on iPhone 12 models running iOS 9 and later, all the way up to iOS 14.3.

Vladimir Katalov, ElcomSoft President and CEO:

Extracting data from the latest and toughest generations of Apple devices is becoming increasingly relevant. By carefully following the latest advances in iOS security researches, we strive to deliver forensically sound solutions offering a unique opportunity to access crucial evidence including the detailed reconstruction of the user’s online and offline activities, visited locations, activities in social networks and chats in protected messengers, often including deleted records.

”Forensic toolkit” means this software can extract your iPhone’s data like files, passwords, certificates, authentication tokens, keys, texts, emails, call history, contacts, browsing history, location data, and other app-specific data.

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