iPadOS 17.5 Could Help Make Understanding iPad Battery Health Easier

Unlike the iPhone, if you want to learn more about your iPad’s battery health, you currently need to use a third-party application to dig deeper into its statistics. For whatever reason, Apple doesn’t have a Battery Health feature in the iPad settings app. There’s a chance that could soon change, though, as the folks at MacRumors have discovered references to a Battery Health Menu in iPadOS 17.5, which recently launched to developers in beta.

In total, there are five new code strings for iPad battery health in the latest iPadOS release. Though no setting is visually available for it, and it’s not clear if it’ll be coming to all iPads, the coding has clear language that hints this feature could be on the way. The first code mentions that the iPad has to be used regularly to see the battery’s maximum capacity. A second line of code highlights the number of times the iPad has used the battery’s capacity. A third line mentions iPad battery performing as expected.

The other two lines, as seen below, are a bit more detailed. These stings of text are pretty similar to the messaging you’d see on an iPhone when checking battery health. We included the code, just as MacRumors discovered it.

  • iPad batteries, like all rechargeable batteries, have a limited lifespan and may eventually need to be serviced or replaced.”
  • The original battery was designed to retain X capacity at X cycles under ideal conditions. Actual battery performance depends on a number of variables, including how iPad is used and charged regularly. The one-year warranty includes service for defective batteries in addition to rights provided under local consumer laws.”

Just because something is spotted in code, it doesn’t mean that it will roll out in the final software version. Apple could be playing with the idea and could reserve it for future iPad models. Features tend to come and go in Beta software, but this is one we hope stays, as it makes getting the most out of your iPad’s battery, and knowing when it’s due for replacement a lot easier.

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