iPhone 14 Case Round-Up: Looking at the Coolest Cases Heading to Your iPhone 14


Apple introduced the new iPhone 14 lineup at its recent Far Out event, and today we’re doing a round-up of some of the coolest cases now available. The new iPhone 14 series has a wealth of brand new features, including the new A16 Chip for the Pro models and new color options. No doubt some are looking for a great case to protect their new device. Well, look no further, as we at TMO have come up with a fantastic assortment of options for your brand new iPhone 14.

Ranging from official products, to some truly breathtaking cases, here’s a selection of cases you can trust with your brand new iPhone 14.

A Look at iPhone 14 Cases Currently Available

Official Apple Cases

First, let’s take a look at Apple’s official cases. For the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, Apple is not only providing a Clear Case ($49) for both models, but is also offering Silicone cases with MagSafe charging. Color choices include Elderberry, Sunglow, Succulent, Lilac, Chalk Pink, Storm Blue, Midnight and PRODUCT(RED). All color options are available for the base model iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus.

Apple’s official iPhone 14 cases come in both leather and silicone, and feature a variety of colors. (Photo Credit: Apple)

There are also official Apple leather cases ($59) to choose from as well. Also including MagSafe, color options include Ink, Umber, Forest Green, Midnight and Orange.

Concerning the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, there are also silicone and leather options. The color options for silicone ($49) are the same as the base model iPhone 14, including Sunglow, Succulent, Lilac, Elderberry, Chalk Pink, Storm Blue, Midnight and PRODUCT(RED). Furthermore, the same color options are available for the leather variants ($59) as well. These colors are Ink, Umber, Forest Green, Midnight and Orange.

Concerning official Apple products, the last offering includes an updated Leather Wallet with MagSafe ($59). These also come in the color options Ink, Umber, Forest Green, Midnight and Orange.

CASETiFY Delivers New Case Tech for New iPhone Tech

For cases not made by Apple, we have new cases from CASETiFY. The company is introducing three different types of cases for the iPhone 14, including some revamped favorites as well as brand new technology.

First up, CASETiFY is introducing its new Bounce Case. Made from 65% upcycled phone cases, the all-new EcoShock technology is also made of 40% plant-based material. Featuring an astounding 21.3ft drop protection, the Bounce Cases also feature a lifted camera ring and raised bezels to protect an iPhone 14 screen from scratches and scuffs.

CASETiFY’s new Bounce Cases for the iPhone 14 focuses on the part of the iPhone 14 that need the most protection. (Photo Credit: CASETiFY.)

What make the new Bounce Cases from CASETiFY so interesting is the EcoShock technology involved behind them. EcoShock material is able to turn the kinetic energy of an impact into heat. CASETiFY then implements a twisted pattern in the material to help the heat dissipate off the surface of the case. Cool stuff! For the Bounce Cases, colors for the iPhone 14 include Triple Black, Clear/Black, Peri Purple, Kiwi and Bubble Gum. Prices range from $82 – $95.

Additionally, CASETiFY is also bringing back its Ultra Impact and Impact cases for the iPhone 14. Concerning the Ultra Impact case, it also features a lightweight design with 11.5ft of drop protection. The Ultra Impact cases also feature MagSafe and non-MagSafe options, as well as DEFENSiFY antimicrobial coating. For the iPhone 14, colors include Clear/Black, Matte Black, Peri Purple, Kiwi and Bubble Gum. Prices range from $68 – $90.

The Impact Case includes many of the same features as the Ultra Impact case, but includes 8.2ft drop protection. Colors for the Impact Case include Clear/Black, Matte Black, Peri Purple, Kiwi and Bubble Gum. Prices range from $58 – $80.

Journey Provides Quality Leather for Business Professionals

Up next, we have Journey out of Australia. I’ve reviewed their iPhone 12 case in the past (and still use it), so without being completely biased, I do enjoy their cases. My leather iPhone 12 case from Journey gives my iPhone a business-like-quality that makes me feel professional.

Journey iPhone 14 Leather Cases provides premium full-grain leather cases that offer a professional look for the iPhone 14. (Photo Credit: Journey.)

Now, alongside their popular premium leather iPhone 12 and 13 cases, Journey is now launching full-grain leather cases for the iPhone 14. Featuring a minimalistic and modern design, the cases also feature select components that make it particularly robust, as well as drop protection of up to six feet.

Additionally, Journey’s cases also features raised-edges around the camera cut-out, which helps protect the iPhone 14 when the phone is placed on a flat surface. Journey also works toward sustainable development goals, meaning that the company ensures that their leather is ethically sourced from renowned tanneries as well as recyclable packaging featuring minimum use of plastic.

Coming in the colors Black and Dark Brown, Journey’s cases also feature water resistance and full MagSafe charing.

You can find Journey’s iPhone 14 cases on their official website.

Mujjo Delivers Eco-Friendly Cases

Up next, we have new sustainable iPhone 14 cases from Mujjo. Based around years of customer feedback, the company’s new iPhone 14 cases feature multiple design updates and is also the company’s most eco-friendly case to date.

Made from Ecco leather, the new iPhone 14 cases from Mujjo are Gold Rated by the Leather Working Group for its low environmental impact. Concerning Ecco Leather, it is vegetable-tanned in the Netherlands, and features both a durable finish and rich color that develops more beauty with age. Additionally, the cases are lined with Japanese microfibre that both secures and insulates the iPhone 14. The cases also feature redesigned side buttons, as well as strategically placed bumps, bezels and raised areas for even more protection. Of course, the cases also feature MagSafe tech for wireless charging.

Mujjo’s iPhone 14 Cases are made from Ecco Leather, making them both sleek and sustainable. (Photo Credit: Mujjo.)

Compatible with every iPhone 14 model, the cases are available with or without an optional wallet pocket capable of storing three cards.

Personally, I’ve reviewed Mujjo products before, and can say that the company goes above and beyond with both quality and protection. Mujjo’s new iPhone 14 cases come in three colors: Tan, Black and Monaco Blue. Prices for Mujjo’s new iPhone 14 cases start at $54 and can be found here.

Golden Concept Tiger Edition Aims to Rule Over iPhone 14 Cases

The last iPhone 14 case we’re going to take a look at today is the Golden Concept Tiger Edition iPhone 14 case. This case is for the high-rollers in your life, as Swedish creators Golden Concept are known for its ultra-high-quality accessories for Apple products.

Golden Concept makes products that are more than just a status-piece; the products are for those that truly know the worth of their device, and the new Tiger Edition iPhone case is for those looking for a next-gen case with a price to match.

Golden Concept’s Tiger Edition iPhone 14 Case is not playing games. (Photo Credit: Golden Concept.)

The case retails for $1,999 and is limited to 99 pieces. The Tiger Edition case from Golden Concept features a hand-carved tiger’s face on the reverse, which has been crafted from Thin-PLY carbon composite. With carbon composite being 200 times stronger than steel, users can know they’re getting protection and a case sure to draw attention. Additionally, the metal needed for the case is carved from a single block of titanium.

With a limit to 99 pieces, each case receives a unique number-engraving to ensure yours is original and unique.

You can find them on Golden Concept’s website here. You can also check out their high-end line of Apple Watch cases as well as other accessories.

Okay, that should “cover” it, as they say! Hopefully this article has provided you the options necessary to find a case that is right for you.

Preorders for the iPhone 14 series begin Sept. 9.

Do you plan on getting a case for your iPhone 14? Let us know in the comments.

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