iPhone Chip Maker TSMC Resumes Production After Taiwan Earthquake

Apple to source chips from TSMC plant in US

After a major earthquake hit Taiwan on April 3, it was believed that iPhone 16 Pro shipments and iPhone chip production could be impacted severely by the natural disaster. Now just a day later, TSMC (Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation), which has factories in Taiwan, is assuring the world that this isn’t the case. The company says it has resumed production, and there isn’t considerable damage to its equipment.

The news comes from Bloomberg which reports that after TSMC mentioned that it evacuated staff and halted operations following the earthquake, production is back on. More importantly, though, TSMC tells the publication that around 80% of its machinery is back online. That includes ultraviolet machines, that are required for making Apple’siPhone chips. Still, TSMC confirmed “a small number” of tools were damaged but resources are being relocated for recovery efforts.

TSMC likely constructed its facilities to be less vulnerable to earthquake damage. But although it appears TSMC will be able to go forward with manufacturing, there’s still a human cost to the disaster. 10 people died as a result of the 7.4 magnitude earthquake, and over 1,000 were injured. Photos and videos surfacing from Taiwain also show slanted and topped buildings and individuals attempting to rescue civilians trapped in debris or collapsed buildings. The epicenter of the earthquake was centered in Hualien City, which is a coastal city in Taiwan.

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