iPhone SE 4’s 6.1-inch OLED Panels Tipped To Be Supplied by BOE

iPhone SE 4

A fresh report surfaced online suggesting that BOE will make the screens for the iPhone SE 4. Samsung Display is reportedly out of the running due to price concerns.

A crucial but pricey part of each smartphone is its display, and Apple’s iPhone series depends on a select group of screen manufacturers to meet its demands. According to an IT Home report, one of the three competitors withdrew from the race, leaving it to two manufacturers.

The report states that BOE, a Chinese manufacturer of displays, is now the most likely main supplier for iPhone SE 4 displays. The change results from Samsung Display, a longtime Apple screen partner, ending negotiations. 

Previously, three businesses competed for orders: the Korean manufacturer Samsung Display was the clear leader, followed by the Chinese manufacturers BOE and Tianma.

Samsung apparently ended negotiations because of the sum Apple was willing to pay for the display. Compared to Samsung’s prior offer of $30 per display panel, rumors say Apple offered a $25 price per display.

The price discussion appeared to be the final straw for Samsung, which was reportedly never interested in making iPhone SE 4 screens because of the possibility of low profit margins.

The report claims that Samsung Display’s rejected price was less expensive than that of the two Chinese contenders.

Despite reports in 2023 indicating that it was experiencing issues with supply and performance, BOE is the most likely of the two remaining companies to receive orders for the screen from Apple. Nevertheless, BOE is a clear frontrunner due to the scale of its business compared to Tianma’s comparatively tiny size.

The rumor mill suggests the iPhone SE 4 will sport a new design reminiscent of the iPhone 14, along with a 6.1-inch OLED display. And it could debut in early 2025.


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