iPod Touch Models ‘Sold Out’ Across Online Retailers After Being Discontinued

iPod Touch Sold Out

Less than 24 hours after the announcement of the iPod touch being discontinued, many online retailers have sold out of the classic device.

Reports from MacRumors indicate that many configurations of the iPod touch are currently out of stock on Apple’s U.S. website. All colors of the 256GB are sold out, whereas the (PRODUCT)RED line is listed as sold out for delivery. However, all models may have limited in-store availability for pickup within the store.

iPod Touch Sold Out Online

In addition to Apple’s website, Amazon is also suffering from low stock, with nearly all configurations sold out. Those that are hoping to acquire a 256GB model may be pushing their luck. Other retailers, such as Target and Wal-Mart, seem to be low on supply as well.

Apple announced the end of the iPod touch Tuesday, in turn, it was the end of the iPod line entirely.

The original iPod was first introduced in 2001. It is one of Apple’s most iconic products. However, discontinuation of the device was an inevitability. This is due to current devices being able to do many of the same functions with further capabilities.

Concerning the iPod touch situation, the low supply numbers are interesting. While it may be that customers are flocking to online retailers to purchase the nostalgic device en masse, it is also likely that Apple has had plans to discontinue the iPod touch for sometime, and simply was not supplying new stock.

Though stock may be depleting online, those that want the device may still be able to find it through select Apple Store locations as well as Apple Authorized Resellers.

The seventh-generation iPod touch saw release on May 2019. The devices features a 4-inch Retina display, an A10 chip and a classic Hame button sans Touch ID.

As iPod touch stocks continue to dwindle, it will be the end of Apple selling the iconic device.

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