Italian Regulator Hits Apple, Google, With Fine Over Data Use

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Italy’s antitrust regulator announced on Friday that it has issued Apple and Google with fines of €10 million ($11.2 million) each. It said the fines related to “aggressive practices” when using commercial data. Both companies intend to appeal, Reuters reported.

Apple Google Italy Antitrust Regulator Data Allegations ‘Wrong’

The Italian antirust regulators said both Apple had Google had failed to provide “clear and immediate information” about how they collect and use the data of customers who use their services.

It said Apple customers do not have a choice on accepting data usage terms and conditions. Responding in a statement, Apple said the regulator was “wrong”:

We provide industry-leading transparency and control to all users, so they can choose what information to share or not, and how it’s used.

In its own statement, Google said its “fair and transparent practices to provide users with useful services, as well as provide clear information on their use.”

Thursday’s move follows Italy’s antritrust regulator handing out another fine to Apple earlier this week. This action also involved Amazon. Again, the companies involved intend to appeal.

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