iTunes Store Offers 93 Classic Rock Albums at $7.99

Classic Rock Album Sale on iTunes

Apple still sells music on the iTunes Store. Who knew, right? On Thursday, the company launched a promotional push for classic rock albums at US$7.99 each. The sale was promoted via email and is on the iTunes Store landing page, as well.

Screenshot from iTunes Store Classic Rock Album Sale
Classic Rock Album Sale on iTunes

Call me an agist, but while I question the inclusion of anything by Blink 182 as “classic,” there is a wide variety of albums from Quadrophenia (Remastered) (The Who), Sticky Fingers (The Rolling Stones), Nebraska (Bruce Springstein), Fleetwood Mac (Fleetwood Mac), Tea for the Tillerman (Cat Stevens), and many, many more. There are 93 albums, all told, including a few of compilations.

For a bonus, BTW, if you use this link, it will take you to a much more extensive list of classic rock albums, but on Apple Music, where subscribers can download them as part of their subscriptions.

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