Stronger Evidence for iTunes DRM Crack

Earlier this month a pirated 4K copy of Aquaman surfaced. At the time, the movie was only available on iTunes. This led some to suggest a iTunes DRM crack had been achieved. Further leaked movies support that hypothesis (via TorrentFreak).

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iTunes DRM Crack

The latest movies to appear? The iTunes-exclusive James Bond 4K collection. All 24 movies from this collection were found online as 2160p WEB-DLs. They originate from the DEFLATE release group and marked as INTERNAL releases.

list of leaked james bond movies due to possible itunes drm crack
Leaked James Bond movies. Credit: TorrentFreak

Because these are exclusive to iTunes it suggests some person or group has found a vulnerability in iTunes and/or Apple TV hardware which lets them decrypt the video source files. Another possibility is someone inside Apple is leaking them.

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One thought on “Stronger Evidence for iTunes DRM Crack

  • DRM-encrusted music, movies, games, etc. provide little benefit to anyone. Games are quickly cracked, movies are quickly decoded, and everything is uploaded to pirate sites in a matter of days.

    At least iTunes ditched DRM on music (though unfortunately we’ve been stuck with 256K AAC since 2009 – isn’t way past time for an upgrade to Apple Lossless?)

    The DRM on Steam and the Mac App Store isn’t a complete deal-breaker for me, and I’m not expecting Valve or Apple to shut down any time soon, but if I have the chance I will buy a game on GOG instead.

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