Japan Display Getting $100 Million Bailout From Apple

Apple is reportedly set to provide $100 million to Japan Display. The aim is to salvage the struggling smartphone display supplier (via Bloomberg News).

japan display

Japan Display Secures Bailout Commitments

Apple’s investment came after Taiwanese firm TPK Holding took away a $1.1 billion rescue package it proposed. Cosgrove Global and Topnotch Corporate subsequently withdraw their funding too. Chinese fund Harvest and Oasis Management are now set to invest alongside Apple. Apple and Harvest are committed to investments totaling $300 million. Oasis is expected to invest up to $180 million.

Japan Display hopes to have the bailout deal secured by December 30, 2019. Apple is the firm’s biggest customer. However, it does not yet produce OLED displays in a significant quantity, which Apple is moving towards.

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