Leaked Photo of Aluminum Molds Used for iPhone 14 Shows Four New Models Possibly Coming Out

iPhone 14 case models

Photos of aluminum moldings of iPhone 14 models appeared online showing what we could possibly expect this year. Showing relative sizes of the iPhone 14 models, the photo indicated there could be no new iPhone Mini this year.

Four New iPhone Variants for 2022, No Mini

Over at Weibo, Quick Review Lab posted a photo of the aluminum molds that could be used for making third-party cases. There is a possibility that the molds could have been used for the actual handsets.

As previously rumored, it seems Apple will be launching four new iPhone 14 models in two sizes, namely 6.1 and 6.7 inches. It’s also pretty obvious that a 5.4-inch iPhone seems to be missing from the lineup.

The photo also clearly shows there will be two sizes of the iPhone 14. A 6.1-inch base handset, a 6.1-inch iPhone Pro, a 6.7-inch iPhone Max, and a 6.7-inch iPhone Pro Max. Judging by the way the molds look, the iPhone 14 would very much have the same form factor as the iPhone 13.

New iPhone 14 Models Will Have Thicker Camera Bumps

So what has changed? The photo shows slight changes in the camera bumps of the iPhone 14 models. As previously rumored, the camera bump on the 2022 iPhone will be 4.17 mm thick, or 0.57 mm larger than the bump of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Another noticeable change in the camera bump is the space it occupies. It would seem that the space will increase in size by around 5% in each dimension. So the previous 35.01 mm width has been bumped to 36.73 mm while the previous 36.24 mm height  increases to 38.21 mm. This sums up previous rumors that there will be significant changes to the ultra-wide camera of iPhone 14 Pro.Max. It also supports the previous claim of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo about the possible 48 MP wide camera.

Unfortunately, the photo only shows the rear of the iPhone 14 models. So we don’t know for sure what changes Apple will make to its display. Rumors said that the iPhone Pro models will sport a pill and hole design on the display.

Apple will most likely announce the new iPhone 14 models sometime in September. We expect to see more leak photos come out in the coming days.

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