Leaked Videos Show iPhone 8 Back Panels on Foxconn’s Production Line

Leaked videos showing Apple's iPhone 8 in Foxconn factory

Starting off the week—or the day—with another iPhone 8 leak is pretty much the standard routine, and the latest comes in the form of a couple videos claiming to show the Foxconn production line where the new phones are being assembled.

A set of videos show what looks like the iPhone 8 back panel. Assuming they’re legit the leaks have reached the point where factory workers can get away with capturing videos of Apple’s production line and then share them on the internet.

These videos were posted on the Chinese social network site Weibo and reposted on Twitter by Benjamin Geskin. They show iPhone back panels on a transport rack, and on a polishing line with employees.

The iPhone 8 will reportedly pack an OLED iPhone 7 Plus-size screen into a body that’s slightly larger than the iPhone 7. The Home button is gone to make room for the edge-to-edge display and in it’s place is an on-screen virtual Home button.

Some reports say the Home button’s Touch ID sensors will be embedded in the display glass, and others say they’re moving to the back of the phone. The videos aren’t high resolution, but based on what we can see it doesn’t look like there’s a cut out on the back panels for a fingerprint sensor. Instead, there’s just a cut out for iPhone 7 Plus-like dual cameras.

The iPhone 8 is expected to be announced in September along side the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. Reports say the 7s and 7s Plus models will ship in quantity, but the iPhone 8 will have limited availability and may ship a few weeks after the other models.

Last week a report claimed Apple hadn’t settled on a design for Touch ID yet because of issues with the sensors in the display glass. If these videos really do show the iPhone 8’s back panel it looks like Apple decided a sensor on the iPhone’s back isn’t necessary.

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