Nervously Sweating, Astro HQ Compares Luna Display and Sidecar

Apple’s newly-announced Sidecar threatens companies like Astro HQ and Duet. Astro recently wrote a blog post comparing its Luna Display product against Sidecar.

Luna Display

Sidecar lets you use your iPad as a secondary display to your Mac. It works wired and wirelessly, and with the Apple Pencil it also lets you use the iPad as an input device for the Mac, great for graphic designers, artists, and photographers. A Sidecar app will be built into macOS Catalina.

Luna display sidecar comparison chart

In the comparison chart above, Astro lists all the reasons why Luna Display is better than Sidecar. I’ve never used Luna Display so I don’t know how well it runs. I have sympathy for companies that Apple “sherlocks” but Astro left out the fact that the dongles that its app requires to run cost US$80.

Meanwhile, Sidecar is free. Users who already have Luna Display will probably continue using it. But Sidecar will be a good option for people just starting out, and they won’t have to spend a dime on extra software.

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Monica Matos

The only selling point they have is, that it will work for older devices. That’s all they can argue. It will become obsolete.


That list is mostly nonsense. They have been Sherlocked for good reason.

I have hated AstroPad Pro and Duet Pro’s obnoxious subscription pricing (want to use Apple Pencil? that will be $25 a year please) ever since they rolled it out. There really is no excuse for it.

Third party apps that charge a subscription fee for something that should “just work” as a part of the OS and is now actually included in said OS? Or an $80 dongle? Thanks but no thanks!

Monica Matos

100% agree. and I’m glad that Apple did this. I also don’t think Apple just “sherlock” from either of them. I was one of many people that used to write to Apple about this feature before Astropad or the Pencil existed, I had a lot of great ideas. I still remember finding an email, I believe the sjobs-at-apple and telling Apple about the need to use iPads as Wacom tablets where it is integrated directly into the OS and received a reply thanking me for the good suggestion, I remember telling them about making a stylus like Wacom, hundreds of… Read more »