MacBook Pro Manufacturer, Quanta Faces Revolt From Workers Who Are Getting Tired of Lockdowns

MacBook Pro manufacturer

Factory workers from MacBook Pro manufacturer Quanta in Shanghai started protesting over the prolonged lockdowns. Tired and frustrated, the workers demand more freedom. The lockdown has trapped the workers in a bubble for two months now.

MacBook Pro Manufacturer Faces Revolting Workers

Bloomberg reported incidences of violent clashes, mounting infections, and vacant factory floors. All of these showed that Quanta factory workers are revolting over the prolonged COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the Chinese government.

Violent clashes, mounting infections, and vacant factory floors: the turmoil that’s engulfed tens of thousands of workers at an Apple Inc. supplier in Shanghai is a troubling symptom of China’s extreme efforts to keep factories humming during its worst Covid outbreak since 2020.

The report also said that factory workers demanded more freedom. One individual told Bloomberg about workers getting tired and frustrated. China imposed a strict zero-COVID policy by implementing lockdown measures. This includes allowing factories to operate on a “closed-loop” policy. This policy requires workers to travel only between factories and their accommodations.

Closed-Loop Policy Backfiring

Right before China imposed its strict lockdown measures, the COVID-19 outbreak seemed dramatically worsen. It seems now that the closed-loop policy has backfired on China’s zero-COVID policy.

Alicia Garcia Herrero, chief economist for the Asia Pacific at Natixis SA said in the report that the closed-loop system will not be sustainable.

I don’t think closed loops are sustainable in the medium term as workers will eventually not be able to continue working in this way. The closed-loop system can only be a transitory solution even if the model succeeds in driving the economy because the social burdens are mounting. A healthy economy and society are much more than that.

Quanta Factory Workers’ Woes Affect Supply of MacBook Pro

This incident follows the riots that happened earlier this month when workers started putting down barricades. Some workers even shoved security guards on the way to their accommodations. Video footage of the riots appeared on Twitter.

As Quanta is Appleā€™s key MacBook Pro manufacturer, the current situation in its factories will certainly affect production targets. The Cupertino-based company already faces long delays in MacBook Pro production.

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