MacOS Big Sur Developer Beta 10 Now Available

Apple seeded the 10th developer beta of macOS Big Sur on Wednesday. It is available via the Apple Developer Center or via an over-the-air update.

Latest macOS Big Sur Developer Beta Out

Officially macOS 11 (as opposed to 10.16), Big Sur will bring with it a host of new features for users and developers alike. This includes the introduction of widgets, amongst other things. It is compatible with a range of Apple devices from 2013 onwards. At the time of this writing Apple has not given an official release date for macOS Big Sur, although if Apple Silicon Macs are released before the end of the year the two coincide.

One thought on “MacOS Big Sur Developer Beta 10 Now Available

  • I’ve been very happy with the Public Betas. No show stoppers, and the quirks are visibly getting fixed as they go. The only criticism I’ve heard was Safari and some content management systems – maybe – not even BS as such.
    And it’s such a breath of fresh air, clean interface, despite more widely spaced toolbar icons doing things like making search in Mail a 2 step process.
    Still waiting for an application I use 24/7 to get its 64 bit version working. Hey they only had a decade to get it done.
    Oh, and network file sharing with Mojave still isn’t working, forcing me to use dropbox, instead of sharing a folder over the local network.
    Otherwise… love it. And I skipped Catalina because I kept hearing bad reports about it.

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