MagSafe Accessories Launch With iPhone 12

The release of the iPhone 12 also introduces MagSafe wireless charging and a host of magnetic accessories that stick on the back of your phone.

MagSafe Accessories

The US$39 MagSafe charger is an Apple Watch-like circular puck that makes sure your iPhone 12 charges up to 15W when you set it down. Apple is also selling special clear cases that let you charge with MagSafe without having to take the charger off.

Clear cases and silicone cases are available from Apple for US$49.99 and come in colors like Plum, Deep Navy, Kumquat, Cyprus Green, Pink Citrus, White, Black, and (PRODUCT) Red.

Another new accessory is the leather MagSafe wallet for US$59.99 that you can stick directly on the iPhone 12 or on top of a clear or silicone case to create a unique look. It’s shielded so your credit cards will remain safe within the wallet.

Apple also introduced a dual MagSafe charger as well as a leather sleeve, although these haven’t appeared on its online store yet.

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