2019 Voice Report Shows Siri, Google Assistant Tied

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Microsoft recently released a report [PDF] called 2019 Voice Report that analyzed the findings of two separate consumer surveys. It found that usage of Siri and Google Assistant is tied at 36%, and 41% were concerned about privacy.

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2019 Voice Report

When it comes to which virtual assistants people use, the results were:

  • Other: 1%
  • Microsoft Cortana: 19%
  • Google Assistant: 36%
  • Siri: 36%
  • Amazon Alexa: 25%


Image of concerns people have from 2019 voice report

Meanwhile, people also voiced concerns they had regarding each assistant:

  • That my personal information or data is not secure: 52%
  • I don’t know how my personal information is being used: 24%
  • I don’t want my personal information or data used: 36%
  • That it is actively listening and/or recording me: 41%
  • That the information it gathers is not private: 31%
  • I do not trust the companies behind the voice assistant: 14%
  • Other: 2%

Of notable interest is the fact that, while Amazon is the market leader in terms of smart speakers, Alexa isn’t the leader of voice assistants. More people have smartphones than smart speakers, and so Apple and Google are tied.

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