‘Movies Anywhere’ Will Let You Lend Movies to Friends

Movies Anywhere is an app that syncs your movie purchases across platforms like Amazon Video, Google Play, and iTunes, so you don’t get locked into one service. It’s adding a new feature called Screen Pass that lets you temporarily share your movies with others.

Screen Pass enters into a closed beta later today at 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT. An open beta with greater access will launch in May. The full launch is planned later this year.

Screen Pass

Under Screen Pass you’ll be able to share a maximum of three movies per month. The recipient will have one week to accept the movie, where it will stay in their library for two weeks. Once the person accesses the movie, they will have three days to finish it.

Movies Anywhere in TV app on iPad
Movies Anywhere collection in Apple’s TV app

There is no limit on how many times you can share movies, only the above limitation of three per month. During the closed beta about 6,000 movies will be available to share. This is about 80% of the company’s catalog. You can download Movies Anywhere here.

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