7 Ways to Watch Your Movies Anywhere Collection

Movies Anywhere on Apple TV

Movies Anywhere is unifying our digital movie purchases from iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, and Vudu. Read on to see a few ways you can watch your newly combined movie library.

Movies Anywhere is Disney’s new service that replaces Disney Movies Anywhere. It lets you see all the movies you purchases from several services in a single interface, and you aren’t limited to a lone proprietary viewing app.

As Bryan Chaffin noted, setting up your Movies Anywhere account is easy and your videos from Disney Movies Anywhere will transfer over. You get five free movies once you link up two or more of your other services, too. I added iTunes and Amazon Video to my account and instantly saw all the movies I purchased from both, along with the promised free flicks.

Movies Anywhere viewing options are pretty flexible. Odds are one of these options will work great for you.

Movies Anywhere on iPhone or iPad

You have a few options for watching your conglomerate movie library on your iPhone or iPad. You can stick with Apple’s own offerings or head over to the App Store for other options.

There is, however, an issue where some of the free movies you get when linking accounts to Movies Anywhere don’t appear. I can’t see Jason Bourne, for example, but it shows in every other compatible app.

iOS TV App First up is Apple’s own TV app, included with iOS 10 and iOS 11. You can see your collection by selecting the Library tab, then tapping Movies.

Movies Anywhere in TV app on iPad
Movies Anywhere collection in Apple’s TV app

Amazon Prime Video All of the movies I purchased on iTunes and Amazon Prime show up and play without any problems in the Amazon Prime Video app, and all five of the free movies Movies Anywhere gave me are there, too.

Movies Anywhere Amazon Video app on iPad
Movies Anywhere in the Amazon Video app

Amazon Prime Video is a free download for the iPhone and iPad.

Google Play Movies & TV The Google Play Movies & TV app shows and plays your combined movie library, no problem. I haven’t ever bought a movie from Google Play, yet it still shows all of my Amazon Prime and iTunes purchases. It’s weird on some level to see all of these services blended together in a single window.

Google Play iPad app with Movies Anywhere
Movies Anywhere in the Google Play app on iPad

Google Play Movies & TV is a free download for iPhone and iPad.

Movies Anywhere The Movies Anywhere service has its own app, too, which isn’t any surprise. Getting up and running was as simple as installing the app and logging into my account. After that it was movie watching time.

Like all the other movie streaming service apps, Movies Anywhere is a free App Store download for iPhone and iPad.

Movies Anywhere on Apple TV

You can AirPlay movies to your Apple TV, but that feels a little clunky when you don’t need to. Here are a couple options for watching on your fourth or fifth generation Apple TV.

TV app The TV app is already on your Apple TV, and Apple really wants you to use it for everything. It’s even set to launch automatically when you clock the TV button on your Siri remote. This is the easiest way to watch your movies because you don’t have to search the App Store to find it.

Movies Anywhere on Apple TV
Your Movies Anywhere collection on Apple TV

Movies Anywhere The Movies Anywhere app has a simple interface so it takes only a couple clicks to watch your favorite movies. You’ll have to search the App Store from the Apple TV interface to find and install it, and then use a device with a Web browser—like your iPhone or Mac—to go to a special URL where you enter an activation code.

The Movies Anywhere app is free to download from the App Store. Just remember to search for it in the App Store app on your Apple TV.

Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

The easiest way to watch your movies—whether they come from Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, or Vudu—on your Fire TV device (like a Fire TV Stick or Fire TV 4K)is through the built-in Amazon Video app. Select the Library tab and you’ll see everything, including the movies that may not appear on your iOS devices.

7 thoughts on “7 Ways to Watch Your Movies Anywhere Collection

  • I watch football games using Kodi. You can also watch free movies and Tv series as well as enjoy animated movies sometimes and in order, to watch series online & take full advantage of all this, you have to check out a list of Legal sites from where you can watch your fav. show without any hassle.

  • Thanks for a great article! I’d add ArkMC for iOS/Android or Mac. I use this app for streaming my pics, videos, music to different compatible devices that use dlna. It’s also very comfortable because it’s wireless and you don’t have to use any adapters or cables.

  • It appears that the movies have to be available on movies anywhere to be seeded across all platforms.

    I have 14 Vudu/Ultraviolet titles which are not on Movies Anywhere and hence they are not available on my iTunes, Google, or Amazon accounts. I believe the same holds true for titles on iTunes. They won’t populate on the other services because Movies Anywhere does not have those titles available in its own database.

    This is inconvenient right now because movies get trapped and are not universal on all services.

    For example I own a DVD of Harold and Maud. I upgraded it for $5 on Vudu to HDX. It is listed on my VUDU and Ultraviolet accounts, but unfortunately it still shows up in iTunes as a title I don’t own because Movies Anywhere doesn’t currently carry that title.

    Hopefully Movies Anywhere will get a lot more titles so that my entire collection will actually be available on all services.

  • Vudu works, too!

    I have a number of movies in the UltraViolet service from 3-4 years ago, that I originally used through Flixster. That service shut down in August, so I created a new Vudu account, verified my UV movies were there, and linked it to my new Movies Anywhere account. (Almost) all of my UltraViolet purchases now show up clear through to iTunes. (The Dark Knight Rises didn’t make the transition, sadly)

    This honestly is looking like the cross-service alliance we’ve wanted since the beginning of streaming.

  • Is there anything that better demonstrates the American outlook on the world than this?
    The US covers less than 7% of the land surface of Earth.
    Movies “Anywhere”? Well “anywhere” except for the 93% of the planet they don’t support!

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