Multiple States Launch Consumer Protection Probe Against Apple

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Led by the Texas Attorney General, multiple states are launching a consumer protection probe against Apple (via Axios).

Multi-State Probe

The Texas AG’s Consumer Protection Division launched the investigation and may sue Apple for violating the state’s deceptive trade practices law.

The Tech Transparency Project, a critic of Big Tech’s power and the research arm of the Campaign for Accountability, received the document in response to a March request for communications related to Apple or with Apple employees or representatives.

Details of the investigation aren’t known, with a document from March saying: “The representative sample of documents in Exhibit B relates directly to the anticipated litigation, and has not been provided to the potential opposing party.”

One thought on “Multiple States Launch Consumer Protection Probe Against Apple

  • So, the AG of Texas (and others) is investigating Apple for… something, and nobody will say what. I hope there’s a specific focus, because this sure sounds like a fishing expedition.

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