New AirPods Pro Should Arrive This Fall, But Don’t Expect Health Sensors

new AirPods Pro

It’s widely believed Apple will launch a new generation of its AirPods Pro sometime around fall 2022. The time is ripe for a new model, and sources continue insisting the next model is imminent. The Cupertino-based company has reportedly explored adding health sensors to the earbuds. Those are unlikely to make it into this year’s AirPods Pro, sources say.

It’s Really Past Time For New AirPods Pro

As Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman points out, the original model of the earbuds came out near the end of 2019. If you bought yours then, it’s fairly likely the batteries within them are close to the end of their lives. At a bare minimum, the batteries’ reliability is starting to drop off.

While Apple could open up a paid battery replacement program or just encourage folks to buy new pairs, that’s not really how Cupertino works. The time is ripe for a next-generation AirPods Pro to arrive. We would hope to see new features and functionality with them.

Likelihood of Health Sensors in New AirPods Pro Is Slim

We’ve heard plenty of rumors lately concerning the next-generation AirPods Pro. Among these have been the idea of the earbuds containing health sensors. These could, speculators say, allow your earbuds to read your temperature or hear rate through your ears.

While Gurman’s sources say Cupertino has explored these features, those same insiders say the sensors aren’t ready yet. It’s unlikely that we’ll see temperature or heart rate readings from our AirPods Pro this year. Reportedly, the Apple Watch will gain the ability to determine if you’re running a fever, but that’s all the further Apple’s gotten.

Other reports say the next-gen earbuds will get an updated H1 chip for better noise cancellation, performance, and power consumption. We’ve also heard suggestions that the charging case for the accessory could change to USB-C.

The new AirPods Pro could also offer full support for Apple’s Find My functionality. Not only might you be able to track the location of the charging case, but also missing earbuds themselves. There’s also the possibility of AirPods Pro 2 gaining the ability to function as hearing aids. The lack of any FDA clearance for that yet does case some doubt on that particular rumor.

Little may be known as of yet about the second-generation of the AirPods Pro, but they are sure to see some improvements. We can only continue watching and waiting for Cupertino to show its cards.

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I recently purchased a pair of Beats Fit Pro’s and was pleasantly surprised with the sound which is on par with the Air Pods Max. The Air Pods Pro are flat and muddy in comparison to the Beats Fit Pro and the fit is better as well.Only draw back is the charging case is not mag safe only USB-C. Price is about $30 dollars less for the Beats Fit Pro vs. the Air Pod Pro. In addition to the above, the Air Pods Pro ports always take on debris which reduces the noise cancellation performance. About 2 weeks in, the… Read more »

Lee Dronick

I have been thinking of buying the Air Pods Max. They seem so robustly built.

Lee Dronick

Some way to have a more reliably snug fit would be nice. Currently I choose a tip and it is fine for a week or so then I lose or gain a few pounds or something that changes my ear canal dimensions.

Lee Dronick

No I haven’t. I have been thinking about getting a hole punched in my ear’s Intertragic Notches so I that I can insert the tube of the AirPod through it and that setup will keep the speaker in my ear canal

W. Abdullah Brooks, MD


Some time ago Dr Mac (Bob) recommended Comply earphone tips, that are compatible with all Airpods and AirPods Pro. I tried them, and they actually work. The are mouldable and can be shaped to fit your particular ear. I can actually walk around with them for the first time, without my AirPods Pro falling out (I still cannot chew with them in my ear, but that’s what system and external speakers are for). You can get them on Amazon, dirt cheaply.

Lee Dronick

Thanks for the “tip”. I just checked and they are $25 from Comply’s website, I don’t like shopping at Amazon.

W. Abdullah Brooks, MD

So does my wife (I’ve lost track of all the colourful names she has for Bezos). And yet…


The Comply foam tips for the AirPods pro work well. I’ve purchased number of times. Think they come in a bubble pack with three sets. Only issue is that they’re not very durable. If you wear everyday, you might get 4 to 5 months out of one set of tips. They tend to get spongier with sweat and oil over time and eventually chunks of foam start to fall out of the tips.

W. Abdullah Brooks, MD

Correct and agree on all points, joe_u. As a fellow that uses his AirPods Pro about once or twice a week for an hour at most, I’m still on my first set, but after a year, they’re finally ready to be replaced. Mind you, I love the product, but I’m probably more of an over-the-ear headphone user, so at some point, will probably treat myself to a pair of Airpods Max.

Lee Dronick

While I am on a rant about the fit of the AirPods Pro. I wish that I can turn off “Press and Hold”. All too often when I press to hold them in the AirPod thinks that I want it to do something other than get snug in my ear.