New Apple Pay Ad Campaign Highlights Security and Ease Over Credit Cards


Today Apple has shared three new ads promoting the security benefits of Apple Pay on an iPhone rather than physical credit cards. Each ad is relatively short and available on Apple’s U.K. YouTube channel.

Apple Shares New Apple Pay Ad Campaign

Each short ad emphasizes that physical credit cards are able to be stolen, used by anyone, and leave your card number exposed to others. Additionally, the ads remind the audience that all of these issues can are avoidable by using Apple Pay. The first ad reminds users that credit cards be stolen, though Apple Pay can use secure payments through Face ID.

The second, much shorter ad, also reminds users that Apple Pay may be more secure thanks to Face ID. Lastly, the third ad reminds users that Apple Pay is able to keep credit card information more private and secure.

Hot Water

Right now, Apple Pay is at the center of an antitrust lawsuit that has been filed against Apple in California this week. The complaint alleges that the tech giant collected more than $1 billion in illegal fees from Apple Pay’s parent credit card companies. The complaint was filed by law firm Hagens Berman in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

The complaint also covers the claim that Apple has denied competitors access to the systems needed to develop a mobile wallet capable of competing with Apple Pay. What makes this case particularly interesting is that Hagens Berman previously won a $450 million settlement from Apple concerning ebook price fixing.


Additionally, back in May, the European Commission officially objected to Apple’s practices in regards to Apple Pay. The Commission stated that Cupertino may have abused its dominant position in markets for mobile wallets on iOS devices. Essentially, this is largely similar to what is happening to the company in the U.S. Apple released a statement stating they plan to continue to engage with the Commission.

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