Apple has plans for a new entry level 13-inch MacBook, according to supply chain sources, and it’ll ship in the second half of 2018.

MacBook Pro in crystal ball

Report says new 13-inch MacBook coming later this year

Sources speaking with DigiTimes said General Interface Solution (GIS) is getting an order for the displays. There isn’t any word on if those are Retina, but at this point in the game it seems highly unlikely Apple would ship a new laptop model with a lower resolution screen.

The sources aren’t saying if this is a new addition to Apple’s lineup, or if it’s replacing a model that’s currently available.

Apple’s parts supply chain often shares details with DigiTimes and analysts, but that information is always an isolated glimpse into what the company is doing. What we can say for certain is that Apple is working on new laptop models because that’s something the company is always doing; what we don’t know is if the 13-inch LCD panels GIS is reportedly making are destined for brand new design.

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New 13 inch Macbook with updated processor and two USB-C ports – $1399
Old 12 inch macbook, unchanged in any way – $999

There’s two ways Apple can go with this:

Exactly as you suggested. Lower the price of the current 12″ MB and have a higher-priced 13.3″ MB
Discontinue the 12″ MB and have only the 13.3″ MB with an entry-level price of $999