New Verizon Prepaid Plan Has Unlimited Data, But With Limitations

Verizon launched a new prepaid plan today, featured unlimited data. It’s US$80, and you won’t need to sign a contract or fork over your credit details. However, Big Red will limit you in certain ways, so take that “unlimited” phrase with a grain of salt. Here’s what the new plan gives you.

Verizon Prepaid Plan With Caveats

First, Verizon will limit your video streaming to 480p. This isn’t that different than other carriers though. AT&T has a Stream Saver option in its unlimited plan, which also throttles your video watching to 480p. Unlike Verizon though, customers can turn it on and off.

In contrast, when T-Mobile introduced its new unlimited plans, the Un-Carrier restricted you to certain services without throttling. But in response to an unlimited contract plan that Verizon put out, T-Mobile removed HD video streaming and hotspot usage restrictions.

Verizon prepaid plan says
Verizon prepaid plan says “no!” to hotspots

Hotspot? More like Notspot

Speaking of hotspots, you can’t create one under Verizon’s new unlimited plan, nor can you make use of tethering. This plan is worse than Verizon’s contract unlimited plan. That also costs US$80 per month, but you get HD video streaming, 10GB of LTE tethering and will only throttle you after 22GB of usage per month.

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