Offline Siri Edges Closer to Reality With Silk Labs

Apple has acquired a company called Silk Labs. It’s an artificial intelligence startup focused on AI light enough to run locally on a device. And I’m connecting the dots (via The Information).

[Offline Siri Mode Could Come in the Future]

Offline Siri

Last week I wrote about a patent that Apple filed regarding more offline Siri capability. It would combine an offline Siri with an online (server side) Siri. And I think the latest news about Silk Labs provides stronger evidence for that.

siri logo

Silk Labs was focused on using AI in ways that preserve user privacy, similar to what Apple does. The startup talked about products in which the AI runs locally on the device, instead of in the cloud.

If you combine the patent, Silk Labs, and Apple’s hiring of former Google AI chief John Giannandrea, it paints an interesting picture. I can’t wait for WWDC 2019.

[Apple is Planning for When Siri Works Locally]

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