Adobe Photoshop for iPad Gets Healing Brush, Magic Select, and Canvas Projection

Photoshop for iPad healing brush

Adobe has announced updates on Tuesday for its products on iPad and desktop. Photoshop Beta also debuts this month, a new way for Creative Cloud members to give feedback to the Photoshop team.

App Store: Photoshop for iPad

Photoshop for Desktop

Photoshop for iPad

  • Healing Brush: Using your Apple Pencil, you can now correct imperfections by painting with sampled pixels from the image or pattern. Just as expected, texture, lighting, transparency, and shading of the sampled pixels are matched seamlessly — and new pixels blend into the rest of the image so you can retouch your images with precision.
  • Magic Wand: This highly requested Photoshop feature is useful to quickly extract objects from a flat background, select an irregularly shaped area, or select a distinctly colored element. With this tool, you can select areas of your images based on tone and color, easily adjust for tolerance and many other characteristics so you can get the most precise selection results.
  • Canvas Projection: Seamlessly share your canvas or collaborate live with others on a larger screen. Connect your iPad to any external monitor or TV display with HDMI or USB-C. This will project your canvas onto that display, fullscreen and without the Photoshop UI, letting you show your document as you edit it live.

Photoshop on Desktop

  • Sky Replacement EnhancementsSky Replacement now has many new, spectacular skies to choose from and the ability to import up to 5,000 skies at once. Everything under the sun is ready for you with the new Get More Skies option.
  • Transform Warp Bezier Handles: Take command of the Transform Warp with independent Bezier handle movement. This fine-tuned keyboard shortcut control is available for edges and Split Warp points — giving people, like packaging designers, who need to stretch and bend images onto bottles, boxes and other, the ability to create previously-impossible transformations.

To get Photoshop Beta, Creative Cloud members can install it from the Beta section of the Creative Cloud desktop app. Look for Photoshop Beta and click Install.

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