You Can Now Port Facebook Photos to Google

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As part of the Data Transfer Project you can now port Facebook photos directly to Google Photos. You can find it by going to Your Facebook Information in settings, then clicking “Transfer a copy of your photos and videos.”

Port Facebook Photos

Six months ago Facebook launched the transfer tool in Europe, but today it has expanded to include all users from around the world. This is the same area where you can download a copy of your Facebook data.

Screenshot showing how to Port Facebook photos to google.

The Data Transfer Project was introduced in 2018 to help make it easier for people to transfer their data between major services. Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google initially teamed up, with Apple joining in 2019.

The project is largely thought of as a way for Big Tech to avoid antitrust investigations by regulators. If a successful argument can be made that people aren’t locked into “walled gardens”, maybe regulators will back off…or so they hope.

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