Privacy Features Cause Social Media Companies to Lose $10 Billion in Ad Revenue

apple affects ad revenue

User consent, through tools like Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, isn’t good for business. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Snap, and YouTube lost US$10 billion as a result (via FT).

Losing Advertising Revenue

App Tracking Transparency was added to Apple’s systems with iOS | iPadOS 14.5. It’s enabled by default and means that apps can’t collect your data for tracking purposes. If you turn the feature off, the system will generate a dialog box when an app requests to track you. Companies that make the majority of their money through advertising aren’t happy about the feature.

Facebook has been impacted the most due to the sheer size of its ad machinery, while Twitter saw the last impact. Twitter says it hasn’t been affected much because its advertising relies more on context and branding than data tracking.

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My heart bleeds peanut butter and jelly for these leeches.

Lee Dronick

I guess that I am outlier, push advertising never worked on me so my number of click-throughs hasn’t changed since declining cookies. When I want/need something I go shop for it.