Pro-Level Tools Octane X and DaVinci Resolve Coming Soon to iPad Pro

octane x and davinci resolve on iPad

During its announcement for iPadOS 16 during WWDC, Apple promised pro-level tools would arrive on the tablet soon. Thus far, we haven’t seen any, but two such apps appear to be ready to launch on iPad Pro. Apple says Octane X and DaVinci Resolve will soon arrive for the iPad.

Pro-Level Video Editing and 3D Rendering Tools DaVinci Resolve and Octane X Demoed On iPad Pro

In a video published shortly after the iPad Pro press release, new software was shown running on the tablet. Both Octane X and DaVinci Resolve, long touted as some of the best software tools for creative professionals, were shown in action on the iPad Pro.

DaVince Resolve, a video editing tool, is advertised as “the world’s only solution that combines editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics and audio post production” in a single software package. Apple states that, on the iPad Pro, DaVinci Resolve can also be used for color correction.

Octane X, on the other hand, will offer “state-of-the-art cinematic 3D rendering” on the iPad Pro. On macOS, the tool uses OTOY’s leading unbiased GPU renderer and Apple’s Metal graphics technology to perform 3D rendering tasks for a multitude of industries.

Upcoming Availability of the iPad Apps

We can’t be certain just yet which models of iPad will be able to run the apps. Apple says only that the two software packages will be available “later this year.” It’s possible the apps will depend on the more advanced Media Engine in the M2 chip, so they may only run on the newest iPad Pro models.

We’ve reached out to the developers of both DaVinci Resolve and Octane X for clarification on compatibility and feature inclusion. We will update with any further information provided by the developers.

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