11 New Apple TV Screensavers Feature Jellyfish, Whales, and More

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Apple added 11 new Apple TV screensavers and they all feature underwater scenes, like jellyfish, dolphins, whales, and more (via 9to5Mac).

Apple TV Screensavers

They come in 1080p and 4K formats, and this brings the total of Apple TV screensavers to over 80. Here are the new arrivals:

  • Alaskan Jellies (2)
  • Tahiti Waves (2)
  • California Dolphins 
  • California Kelp Forest
  • Costa Rica Dolphins
  • Cownose Rays
  • Gray Reef Sharks
  • Humpback Whale
  • Red Sea Coral
Four of the new Apple TV screensavers
Four of the new screensavers. Credit: 9to5Mac

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Is there a way to see these without AppleTV?