Add Funds to Your Apple ID, Get a 10% Bonus Through July 10

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Through July 10, Apple is giving customers a 10% bonus when adding funds to your Apple ID. Offers like these may only be available in certain countries.

Apple ID Funds Bonus

You can add funds to your Apple ID by opening the App Store, tapping your profile photo in the upper right corner, then tapping Add Funds to Apple ID. You’ll get a different bonus amount depending on how much money you add:

  • US$10.00 – Bonus of US$1.00
  • US$25.00 – Bonus of US$2.50
  • US$50.00 – Bonus of US$5.00
  • US$100.00 – Bonus of $10.00

Screenshot that shows how to add funds to Apple ID in the App Store.

Or you can tap “Other” and add a custom amount up to US$200, which would give you a bonus of US$20.00. You can then use these Apple ID funds towards any Apple service, like the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud storage, and more.

One thought on “Add Funds to Your Apple ID, Get a 10% Bonus Through July 10

  • I love these bonuses. They help just a tad so I like to keep a bit of credit on my account so I save 10% of Apple Music, iCloud account, and any music or movies I decide I want to purchase. They are a nice stopgap between the times when I can get $100 iTunes cards for 80 or 85 bucks.

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