Apple Updates AirPods Firmware to ‘3A283’

Apple is rolling out firmware updates to AirPods 2nd-gen and AirPods Pro. Both models are getting the same update, 3A283.

Airpods 3A283 Firmware

Previously, the AirPods 2nd-gen and AirPods Pro were running 2D15. AirPods Pro then were updated to the 2D27 firmware. AirPods firmware is updated automatically but sometimes its possible to force the update by connecting the case with the AirPods inside to a power source, then pairing them to a device.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap General > About > AirPods.
  3. Here you’ll see the model number, serial number, firmware version, and hardware version.

Unlike software updates we don’t know what changes Apple includes in firmware updates aside from audio improvements and bug fixes. However, there are new features with iOS 14 coming to AirPods, like spatial audio and automatic switching to your active device.

Update: It looks like it does contain spatial audio support.

4 thoughts on “Apple Updates AirPods Firmware to ‘3A283’

  • Andrew:
    Many thanks for the heads up, and spot on about how best to check.
    Mine apparently auto-updated whenever the update was released.
    On a previous release, I forced the update. Next time, I’d like to conduct a test, if we can know when the update was released, and how long it takes for the airpods to update on their own. In my business, that’s part of standard QA (quality assurance).

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