Apple Adds Online Form for Checking iPhone 6s Battery Replacement Eligibility

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Apple added an online form for checking your iPhone 6s eligibility for a battery replacement program. The program itself was announced in November, but it was initially up to customers to figure out if their serial number was eligible. The form allows owners to simply enter that serial number and be told if it’s eligible.

The battery replacement program was announced to address unexpected shutdowns affecting some iPhone 6s owners.

iphone 6s battery replacement serial number

iphone 6s battery replacement serial number


Jim Tanous noted on Wednesday that Apple is reportedly handling repairs differently based upon supply. If parts are available, employees are repairing devices if possible. However, there are also reports that the company is replacing the entire device in some instances. Therefore, make sure to back up your iPhone data via iCloud or iTunes prior to seeking repair.

The free battery service program is available to eligible iPhone 6s models up to 3 years from the device’s initial retail purchase date. For customers who already paid for service prior to the launch of the free service program, refunds can be obtained by contacting Apple.

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Lee Dronick

I intend to keep this phone until the 7s, or whatever comes next, which is about a year so from now. Replacing it via this program gets me a new battery.


My iPhone is also affected. When I put in my serial number I get “The iPhone 6s serial number you entered is eligible for this program. Please choose one of the service options below.”

I guess a trip to the Apple store is in my future.



FWIW, according to Jim Tanous’ article the other day, my iPhone appeared to qualify, being a ‘QC’ serial number.

I did follow up separately on the Apple website and inserted the whole serial number (which they require) and it came up negative for either of two reasons: not an affected serial number or an already replaced battery (the latter not applying to my case).

Apparently, there is a bit more granularity being applied at the Apple site, so it is worth checking out even if the 4th and 5th characters in one’s phone make the list that Jim shared.

Lee Dronick

My iPhone is eligible, but I wonder how widespread the problem is and I want to go through the hassle of replacing it.