Apple Card Release Date is Around the Corner

Apple card release daily cash
Daily Cash for Apple Cash

The Apple Card release date is around the corner, with the latest and possibly final iOS 12.4 beta appearing recently (via Inverse).

Apple Card Release

Notably, as Redditor u/mm0nam pointed out, there is now a toggle for Apple Cash in Wallet to give you Daily Cash notifications for Apple Card. This happened around the same time as the Apple Store went town for a few hours a couple days ago. Apple has also filed for Apple Card trademarks in the U.K. and other countries.

Partnering with Goldman Sachs, Apple Card is a credit card offering built into iOS Wallet. It gives customers an interface designed to make paying off your credit easy. You’ll also see in what categories you spent money, and where on a map you spent it. There will also be a physical Apple Card that can be used in locations that don’t offer Apple Pay wireless terminals.

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