Here’s How You Can Fill Your Home With Apple Decorations

There’s a new Kickstarter project that will help you fill your home with Apple decorations. Specifically, plushy pillows in the shape of certain Apple products.

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The Iconic Pillow Collection

It’s called the Iconic Pillow Collection, and it’s a “cuddly tribute to the tech that changed our lives.” It includes five pillows:

Image of the 1984 pillow as part of the Apple decorations collection.

  • 1977 Apple II pillow
  • 1984 Macintosh pillow
  • 1998 iMac G3 pillow
  • 2001 iPod pillow
  • 2007 iPhone pillow

Each pillow has embroidery and other details that make it look like the product it was designer after. The project has been fully funded, and rewards start at US$39.

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