Apple Releases AirPods Pro Firmware Update

Apple pushed a firmware update for AirPods Pro on Thursday. It’s unclear what the firmware update does, and the update process is automatic. But, users are reporting their firmware version number went from 2B584 to 2B588. AirPods Pro were released on October 20th.

Apple AirPods Pro

As noted, the update process is automatic, meaning you have little control over it. These are the steps you can take to check on your AirPods Pro firmware version.

Open the Settings app of your iPhone or iPad (iPod touch works, too). Go to General > About. Open your AirPods Pro case. When you do so, you’ll see a tab appear for your AirPods Pro. Tap that tab and look for your Firmware Version.

The old firmware version number is 2B584. Once it updates, it will be 2B588. I haven’t figured out a way to force the update,

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  • I got the update – opened the case and the sheet came up demonstrating the battery status. I could then observe my telephone interface with apple (checking associations on my switch) and download something from the appleimg server. I left the case open on the work area beside the telephone however didnt put the airpods in my ears. around 5 mins later the case flashed orange once, which more likely than not been a reboot. the about screen shows the new FW rendition. I will share this on my platform Create Wikipedia Page

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