Apple Releases ARKit 3.5 With New Scene Geometry API

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Apple released ARKit 3.5 today that can take advantage of the iPad Pro 2020’s LiDAR scanner to improve the realism of AR objects.

ARKit 3.5

ARKit 3.5 brings three new features:

  • Scene Geometry: This lets developers create a topological map of your space with labels identifying floors, walls, ceilings, windows, doors, and seats.
  • Instant AR: The LiDAR scanner enables fast plane detection, so AR objects can be instantly placed in the world without scanning.
  • Improved Motion Capture and People Occlusion: Depth estimation in People Occlusion and height estimation in Motion Capture are more accurate.

People Occlusion is a feature of ARKit that lets AR objects pass behind and in front of people. Motion Capture lets a person capture the motion of a person with one camera. It translates body position and movement as an AR frame with joints and bones, to use motion and poses in the AR experience.

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