Apple and Verizon Partner on iPhone 12 ‘Fleet Swap’ Enterprise Program

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Apple and Verizon have partnered on an enterprise program called Fleet Swap. It lets a business trade in its entire fleet of iPhones at once, from Verizon or other carriers, and upgrade to any iPhone 12 model without an upfront cost.

iPhone 12 Fleet Swap

Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Markets, Apps and Services:

Paired with Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband going indoors and 5G Fleet Swap, an all-new device offer for enterprise, it’s now easier than ever for businesses to build transformational mobile apps that take advantage of the powerful iPhone 12 lineup and 5G.”

The iPhone 12 line are Apple’s first 5G smartphones and Verizon mentioned special enterprise services it offers via its 5G network.

  • With IBM’s Maximo Visual Inspection app, designed for iPhone 12 models, manufacturers can monitor production line defects in real time using on-device machine learning, automating and scaling anomaly detection to drive greater efficiency.
  • JigSpace provides fast access to documents, instructions and manuals with highly-detailed Augmented Reality (AR) experiences to help with training and maintenance of technical equipment, like ventilators. Using Apple’s ARKit and the power of the LiDAR Scanner built into iPhone 12 Pro, 3D AR models called ‘Jigs’ can be placed into your environment, for example on a table or workspace.
  • OsiriX HD iOS app brings high-resolution radiology images to clinicians in the palm of their hands. Surgeons can review high-definition MRI/CT scans totaling gigabytes of data from hospital imaging servers on iPhone 12 models with Verizon’s 5G, which could allow them to better plan for surgeries in service of patient needs.

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