Apple Signs Streaming Deal for ‘Where the Wild Things Are’

Image from Where the wild things are

Apple has signed a deal with The Maurice Sendak Foundation to create a series and other TV specials for Apple TV+ (via THR).

Where the Wild Things Are

This is the first time the foundation as signed a deal with a streaming service. Arthur Yorinks, longtime collaborator of Mr. Sendak, will work with Apple via his Night Kitchen Studios. But they aren’t stopping with Mr. Sendak’s most famous book:

Through the deal, Apple and The Maurice Sendak Foundation will reimagine new children’s series and specials based on the author’s books and illustrations. In addition to his most famous work, Where the Wild Things Are, Sendak’s books include In the Night Kitchen, Outside Over There and The Nutshell Library.

Image from Where the wild things are

The terms of the deal like how much Apple paid are unknown.

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