Apple’s Clips App Updated With Disney and Pixar Effects

Today Apple updated its video editing app Clips with new features, and also revealed that the Clips app has 1 million unique monthly users. The update includes new graphic overlays, posters, and usability improvements.

Clips App Update

  • Customize your videos with animated Disney graphics featuring Mickey, Minnie, and more
  • Add Pixar graphics to your videos with characters from Toy Story and Inside Out
  • Choose from dozens of new customizable text banners, overlays, and posters
  • Live Title edit button makes it faster and easier to edit Live Title text
  • Share button now appears on main screen when creating a video
  • When adding posters and existing photos, audio is automatically muted if no speech is detected
  • When the same animated overlay is added to successive clips, the animation occurs only on the first clip
  • Improved usability and reliability
Image of new features in the Clips app.
New features in the Clips app.

The update—version 1.1—is available immediately to all customers. The new features make it easier to supercharge your videos and let the creativity flow. Apple put together a video to show off all the new features, which you can watch below. It’s interesting to note that Clips now has over a million monthly active users, despite launching only several months ago in April.

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