CES – Seek Thermal Debuts First High-Resolution Thermal Camera for Autos

LAS VEGAS- Seek Thermal, maker of fine thermal imaging products, showed its first thermal imaging camera for automotive aftermarkets priced under US$999 at CES 2018.  Thermal imaging, which is an option on some higher end vehicles, provides enhanced vision and safety not only in the dark, but also in other conditions such as rain, fog, snow and glare.

Regular Versus Infrared View

A demonstration of the system was quite striking.  A normal image was shown on the left, and the enhanced thermal image on the right.  Be it animals, people, or debris, in each case, if the drive didn’t have the thermal image and associated alerts, they would no doubt have hurt either the object in the road or themselves.

Seek Thermal Imaging Camera Mounted

The thermal imaging sensor is in a hermetically sealed housing to protect it from the elements.  Some of the key features of the sensor are a 320 x 240 pixel sensor with 76,800 temperature pixels for image clarity and sensitivity, as well as a 24-degree field of view, dual-element chalcogenide lens optimized for identifying hazards at any speed.  Plus, the IP-69 rated housing with integrated window heater helps withstand harsh weather conditions.

Seek’s thermal imaging camera for automotive aftermarket will be available for under $999 through select distributors in North American and Europe.

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