CES – Use Your iPhone With a Bluetooth Metal Detector

A team from Ukraine is introducing a Bluetooth metal detector you can use with your iPhone. It’s not a finished product, but a working prototype. However, the team believes they can turn it into a viable niche for treasure hunters and enthusiasts.

Air Metal Detector

Called the Air Metal Detector, it’s a Bluetooth device that uses your iPhone instead of a traditional control block. The team says the control block is the most expensive part of a metal detector. By eliminating it and making it work with your iPhone instead, they hope to make the detector more affordable.

Bluetooth metal detector specifications.
Specifications from the Air Detector website

The Ukraine team has plenty of real world experience too, and organized a club of 2200+ detecting enthusiasts. It’s not clear when or if they will make a successful product, but it certainly stands out at CES amid a sea of robots and smart home devices.

2 thoughts on “CES – Use Your iPhone With a Bluetooth Metal Detector

  • I really want to see this in action. It’s one thing to use this for locating coins on a schoolyard or around a house but another when you’ve hiked five miles into the woods hunting relics. Detectorist, don’t you know : ) Weak or bad batteries can ruin a trip.

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