CES – Fibaro’s ‘The Button’ Controls HomeKit Scenes with One Touch

Fibaro's The Button, Now with HomeKit Support

CES – Fibaro announced HomeKit support in its The Button, a one-touch device you can use to control HomeKit scenes. The device doesn’t need a gateway, hub or bridge to connect, and it’s just under 2-inches in size.

Fibaro's The Button, Now with HomeKit Support
Fibaro’s The Button

The Button

The device can be programmed for three separate actions: press once, press twice, and press-and-hold, each with a corresponding buzz to confirm a successful click. Each action can be an individual action, like turning off the lights, or a complete scene that brings together many HomeKit commands.

Fibaro is already shipping The Button with Z-Wave support for US$49.99 on Amazon. HomeKit-compatible models are sold separately. The company said a red model will ship in the first quarter of 2018, with five additional colors shopping later this year.

Here’s the company’s promo video for The Button, featuring an extraordinarily wealthy and handsome city slicker:

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