The CW made good on its promise to bring shows like Supergirl, The Flash, and iZombie to Apple TV for free. The network’s Apple TV app is available now, and doesn’t require a cable or satellite subscription to watch, or need any sort of login.

CW app on Apple TV doesn't require cable subscription

CW comes to Apple TV with free shows

Watching shows for free comes at a price, and in this case it’s commercials and limited content. CW is running ads at the commercial break points in its shows, and is only showing current series along with the last five episodes. That means if you’re hoping to get caught up on The Flash season 1 you’ll have to watch on Netflix instead.

You’ll need an fourth generation Apple TV to use the new CW app, but third generation model users have options, too. The CW also updated its iPhone and iPad app with support for AirPlay so you can stream shows from your iOS devices. Both are free, and you can download the Apple TV version by searching for “CW” in the Apple TV App Store app on your television.

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Are there any options for TV 3rd gen users that have a macbook but no iphone or ipad?


mrboba1 Thanks for clarifying. I didn’t realize that was the case. $6.99 for access to a broadcast channel is insane.

I’m still on the fence about aTV4. I bought it when it was first released, but with no support for bluetooth keyboards or Apple’s Remote app, I returned it. That support is there now, but the next one might support 4K, which was my other “want” (note -not “need”).


Brett – let’s ask the other broadcast networks. Because in order to get to their on demand stuff, they make you have a cable subscription. Or in the case of CBS, another $6.99/month.

I hope this starts the pressure on the other guys to offer the same. I’m going OTA/streaming, and would love to just be able to ignore the antenna and route everything through my AppleTVs.


It’s great to see more streaming apps, but as a broadcast network, why would they require a cable subscription? The “no subscription” thing seems a little overblown.