Eve Room Air Sensor gets New Design with E-Ink Display, More

Eve Room 2 indoor air quality sensor for HomeKit

Eve Systems announced the second generation version of its Eve Room on Monday. Like the original Eve Room, the new model tracks temperature, humidity and air quality, and adds a built-in display plus a rechargeable battery.

Eve Room 2 indoor air quality sensor for HomeKit
Eve Room 2 HomeKit indoor air quality sensor

The second generation Eve Room gets a face lift, too, with a new design matching the Eve Degree’s anodized aluminum body and E-Ink display. The original model was larger, white used AA batteris, and didn’t have a display.

The Eve Room tracks volatile organic components concentration in your room. It also logs air temperature and humidity, and shows the data on its customizable E-Ink display. The built-in battery lasts for six weeks and recharges via Micro-USB.

The device supports Apple’s HomeKit platform, along with the Home app, Siri, and the Eve Systems’ Eve app. Since Eve Room uses Bluetooth LE it doesn’t need a special hub, although you will need an Apple TV or HomePod for remove access, just like other HomeKit-compatible devices.

Preorders for the second generation Eve Room start today through Amazon and the Eve Systems website. It’ll be available on September 12th and is priced at US$99.95.

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