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OK, get this. Nodconcept made this custom emoji of me for the company’s Facebook emoji app for iOS. They made one for my friend Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, too. Facebook emoji apps are so 2009, but the Emoti emoji are available as an iMessage sticker pack. And—more importantly—Nodconcept told me they added the emojis for me and Jim to that sticker pack.

And worse, Apple approved it!

So…IMA STICKER!!! Officially, I think I’m “Mac Guy.” Jim’s is “The Beard.” You know, because [Jim].

Bryan Chaffin and Jim Dalrymple as Emojis

Bryan Chaffin and Jim Dalrymple as Emoji Stickers

OK, fine. Jim’s is bigger than mine. And it looks a bit more like him. Whatevs. The point is that IMA STICKER!

Emoji Is Fun

In reality, I’ve always loved Nodconcept’s take on emojis. They’re expressive. They’re cute. They’re beautifully rendered. Here are some other samples.

Emoti Emoji samples

Emoti Emojis

I hope they expand this pack with many more emojis in the future. As long as mine stays in it, of course. Fine, and Jimmy D’s, too.

Anyhoo…Emoti is US$1.99 and available now. The version with me and Jim in it is version 1.1.

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Bryan, they need to add your hair and I don’t think I am being pedantic.