As of HomePod OS 13.4, Apple’s Speaker Now Runs tvOS

HomePod and Apple TV

As of the latest 13.4 software update, the HomePod runs tvOS, Apple’s operating system for its TV set box. Until now it had been running iOS. References to two new models of the HomePod were also found in the code, a HomePod Mini being one possibility (via 9to5Mac).

What Does That Mean?

iOS 14 is likely to drop support for devices with the A8 chip, which the first generation HomePod has. Although the current Apple TV has this chip, tvOS probably won’t drop support soon.

HomePod and Apple TV
HomePod and Apple TV

iOS also has different power consumption management than tvOS. Since the Apple TV and HomePod are devices that are always plugged in, HomePod running tvOS should help bring improvements to power.

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W. Abdullah Brooks, MD

Andrew: This makes sense, and is an indication that Apple continue to fine-tune their platform of products and services. Whilst a HomePod mini will be welcomed by many, it raises the question of whether or not the HomePod standard will be upgraded in near future. It was TMO’s muted enthusiasm for the product that led yours truly to hold off on purchasing one. Now that I am spending more time in my own home in this part of the world, I am rethinking the HomePod, and am prepared to fire up Apple Pay, but would be disappointed were a new… Read more »